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Zimpli Kids Smelli Gelli Baff - 2 Colours- Tutti Fruitti or Bubble Gum

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  • Smelli Gelli Tutti Frutti-300g

    Product Dimensions:-20x13x5 cm

    - It’s time to make bath time, fun time! Magically transform your bath water into thick colourful goo with a fun scent!
    - Fill your bath with water and sprinkle in Smelli Gelli Baff.
    - Watch your water magically turn into scented goo right before your eyes. When the fun is done, sprinkle over the second dissolver powder to dilute the Gelli and easily drain away.
    - Due to unique texture of Smelli Gelli Baff it is the perfect product for messy and multi-sensory play!
    - Smelli Gelli Baff aids creative, cognitive, social, emotional and physical development and is used in environmental environments worldwide.

    Smelli Gelli Baff-Bubblegum-300g

    Product Dimensions:-20x13x5 cm

    - Gelli Baff is a totally unique, fun, bathtime product that lets you turn water into goo and back again!. Watch in amazement as your bath water transforms into goo!
    - By adding Gelli Baff powder to water, you create a thick colourful goo. By simply adding a second 'dissolver' powder, the goo turns back to coloured water to be drained away safely and easily.
    - 1 x 150g Bag of Gelli Baff powder
    - 1 x 150g Bag of Gelli Baff dissolver & 1xInstruction leaflet
    - Doesn't stain and contains no artificial preservatives
    - Non Irritant
    - 100% safe on skin
    - Non toxic and environmentally friendly