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Iams Vitality Light in Fat Sterilised Cat Food with Fresh Chicken 2kg

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Iams For Vitality Light In Fat / Sterilised For Adult And Senior Cats Is A 100% Complete And Balanced Expert Nutrition For Your Pet To Enjoy And Thrive On. Our New And Improved Tasty Recipe With Fresh Chicken Is Based On High Quality Animal Protein, Carefully Selected, To Support Your Cat’S 7 Signs Of Healthy Vitality. Strongly Believing That Cats Should Be Healthy, Active And Full Of Vitality, Our Tasty Recipe Contains 84% Animal Protein (Out Of Total Protein). Our Light In Fat / Sterilised Recipe Is Perfect To Help Manage Your Feline’S Weight. We Are Committed To Provide Your Cat The Expert Nutrition They Need With A Great Taste They Will Love Without Compromise, All To Support 7 Signs Of Healthy Vitality. Our Recipe Contains 30% Less Fat Than Our Adult Recipe To Help Keep Your Cat At A Healthy Weight (Vs. Iams Adult With Fresh Chicken). Thanks To Iams You Can Admire Your Cat’S Shiny Skin And Coat With A Balance Of Omega 3 And 6. We Support Your Cat’S Urinary Tract As Our Recipes Are Formulated To Reduce Urinary Ph. Get Ready To Watch Them Leap And Bound Thanks To The High Quality Protein And Essential Mineral Levels Which Help To Maintain Strong Muscles And Bones. Our Antioxidant Blend With Vitamin E Will Help To Support Their Immune System So They Are Well Protected For Their Next Adventure. Hear Them Crunch Through Our Kibble That Has Tailored Levels Of Minerals In Every Bite; You Can Be Rest Assured That This Will Be Keeping Their Teeth Strong And Healthy. You Will Be Able To Appreciate Their Digestive Health When You Clear Up After Them With A Tailored Fibre Blend Of Prebiotics And Beet Pulp For Healthy Digestion. Plus Our Diets Have Essential Nutrients Like Taurine To Nourish The Heart So You Can Feel Their Love Each And Every Day. Iams Supports Your Cat’S 7 Signs Of Healthy Vitality That You Can See And Enjoy Every Day.