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Little Live Pets Lil' Hamster

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 MOVES & SOUNDS LIKE A REAL HAMSTER: These interactive Lil' Hamsters loves to scurry around and explore whilst squealing and giggling.
• SO SOFT & VELVETY: Lil' Hamsters have soft flocked skin and feels so smooth to touch.
• LIL' HAMSTERS COME ALIVE: Hold and pet your new Lil' Hamster and hear her react to your touch! To calm your pet hamster, pick her up and pet her back. The more you pet your hamster, the happier and more excited she will become!
• SWEET CHEEKS: You can tell what your Lil' Hamsters’ favourite treat is simply by looking at their cheeks!
• COLLECT 2 LIL' HAMSTERS: This season there are two colourful and playful Lil’ Hamsters to take home, including Sprinkz and Strawbles.