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J! Chill Factor Ice Cream Maker

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THE INGREDIENTS YOU CHOOSE - With ChillFactor YOU are in control of what ingredients you use meaning you’ll always know exactly what’s in your ice cream. ChillFactor is a great way to get kids in the kitchen, encouraging them to have fun exploring, and learning about different ingredients. Why not try making frozen yoghurt and add in fruit pieces for a healthy treat. And have fun decorating your frozen treats for even more flavour! We encourage you to explore different flavour combinations -the possibilities are endless!
• AMAZING ACCESSORIES - The lid of the ChillFactor Ice Cream Maker doubles up as a bowl for you to scoop your ice cream into once made. Decorate your ice cream treat with sauces and sprinkles using the two pots included and then use the scoop to enjoy your delicious, chilled creation! Comes with a handy stand to hold the ice cream maker and accessories in so you can store everything neatly when you have finished using!
• REUSABLE - The ChillFactor Slushy Maker is reusable. Simply wash in warm soapy water after each use and its ready for you to make your next ice cream. Use your Ice Cream Maker time and time again – with ChillFactor the fun never ends! ChillFactor products are all super simple and safe to use. It’s all the fun without any of the hassle! People of all ages can enjoy the ChillFactor Ice Cream Maker! Kids and adults alike will absolutely love the ability to make super quick home-made ice cream treats. It’s the perfect present for all the family!