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3D Snakes & Ladders Age 3+

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Snakes & Ladders is back with an eye-popping 3D twist.

The goal is still the same: climb up to the top of the board and try to avoid those pesky game-spoiling snakes. However, the usual player pieces are replaced with balls and the snake drawings are now slides.

Once you land on a snake's square, roll your ball down the slide to where it ends. Roll the dice and take your chances - can you reach the top and beat the others?

  • 3D Snakes & Ladders by Grafix
  • Family game for 2-4 players
  • Propel marbles up 3D ladders
  • Launch marbles down 3D snake slides
  • 1 playing board, 4 ball counters and 1 dice
  • Playing instructions included
  • Suitable for ages 3 years and up