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Blink Roasted Chicken Cat Food Pouch 85g

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EVERYTHING YOUR CAT NEEDS…  Always real meat,  Cereal free, it's a COMPLETE MEAL, with Roasted Chicken.  We love that a cat’s slow blink is a sign of trust. We then thought, hey, what would our cats want us to buy on the weekly food shop? So we’ve created nutritious, complete recipes full of real meat and left out all the things our cat wouldn’t want to eat - cereals, grains and derivatives. 
Our chicken is sourced from local, British farmers and we make sure we add the best bits to our pouches - just take a look inside. 
It’s simple really: great recipes + real meat + some crazy cats = Blink

Ingredients ; Roasted British Chicken 50%, Chicken Broth 49%, Vitamins and Minerals 1%